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Estaremos en Alimentaria 2018  (Barcelona)    del 16 al 19 de abril   juntamente a Hielo de Manantial

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Turn-key ice plants
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Traxxel ice mojitos
Secadoras de hielo 
Flake ice makers
Torres de refrigeracion y condensadores evaporativos


TRAXXEL ice bars makers are a fundamental element in places where electrical energy does not reach or is deficient, such as places far from cities or countries in Africa, South America, etc.-

 Built entirely in Barcelona (Spain) in stainless steel and with components of the world's leading brands we have the best value for money.

 In watertight systems, we have developed the non-recirculating brine pump to avoid maintenance or breakage.

Ice bars are 10, 20 and 30 kg. And the production capacity ranges from 1,000 to 50,000 kg of daily ice.

ice bars

ice bars                                                        Traxxel  Machines, Barcelona  - España 
                                      0034-976 144 654 -  0034  618 224 940;