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At TRAXXEL MACHINES we are convinced that we must innovate to obtain the best ice at the best cost. That is why we were able to combine the best system of industrial ice cube makers with our exclusive cutting system, which guarantees high quality cubes at a price that is much lower than other manufacturing systems.

 Our industrial manufacturers offer the greatest advantages over any other system:

 1.- Lower energy cost of place, with an energy consumption lower in up to 50% than other systems.

2.- Smaller space as they can manufacture up to 15,000 kg. In 6 square meters.

 3- You do not need large frozen rooms as in cases of trays or molds.

 4.- They are manufactured entirely in Spain in stainless steel, with a guaranteed after-sales service.

 5.- Components of the world's leading brands. 1 year warranty.

 6.- They make cubes totally transparent and solid, without central hole.

 7.- You can choose the measurement of the cube.

 8.- It does not need any person to attend the machine since they are totally automatic.

 9.- They have almost no maintenance since they are totally oversized and manufactured in stainless steel with components of the world's leading brands (Siemens, Danfoss, Bitzer, Zimmbauer etc.).

 10.- The cutting system has no straps or dead spots. The cutting disc is easily replaceable and can be sharpened.


                                                        Traxxel  Machines, Barcelona  - España 
                                      0034-976 144 654 -  0034  618 224 940;