traxxel cubitos para mojitos
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Estaremos en Alimentaria 2018  (Barcelona)    del 16 al 19 de abril   juntamente a Hielo de Manantial

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Cintas transportadoras - tolvas
Cutting edges
Fabricacion y afilado de discos de corte
                Chest freezers
Fabricadoras de cubitos 
Ice bars
Hielito  para mojitos
Secadoras de hielo 
Hielo en escamas
Torres de refrigeracion y condensadores evaporativos


We give the opportunity to distributors, entrepreneurs or investors the possibility of installing their compact ice factory, with little staff and the best machines on the market.

The different types of Traxxel machinery that we manufacture, the German brand Zimmbauer which we exclusively represent and the experience that we have allows us to offer the possibility of installing an automated ice factory with very low production costs.

In relatively small warehouses (no more than 300 m2 are required to produce 10 or 20 tons of ice) and with a smaller investment than any catering franchise, we can install an ice factory, optimizing the investment through the best technology in the market.

We manufacture in Spain the best industrial machines by vertical evaporator and we have exclusively our cutting ice system . We manufacture and distribute storage silos, flake ice makers, bar ice makers, refrigeration towers, evaporative condensers and all necessary components.

                                                        Traxxel  Machines, Barcelona  - España 
                                      0034-976 144 654 -  0034  618 224 940;